Being an owner of a vehicle, you must know that regular maintenance services will keep your vehicle updated. It’s a machine and you can face a problem even without any warning. So, if you observe any abnormal sign, bring your vehicle to Savaya Auto Service, and our technicians will perform the proper diagnostics, thus identifying the actual problem.
Our experts will recommend you the correct and reasonable solutions. Located in Hazel Park, MI, we are into this business since more than 10 years, and we keep every customer at our priority list.
Have you ever got stucked in the middle of the road? Our towing services will assist you in Hazel Park, and nearby areas. We deal with any kind of inconvenience related to your vehicle, and we strive to repair it on the very same day.
Our technicians will first try to repair the affected part. We will advise you to replace it only if there is no other way possible. We value your money!
If you stay near Hazel Park, Savaya auto service is one of the best options which you can go for. You can depend on use on any kind of service, and you will get efficient services done by our highly knowledgeable staff.
At Savaya Auto Service, we are known for providing full auto care repair and maintenance services ranging from regular maintenance to full repair or replacement of engine.
Contact us on (248) 579-5424, and get your appointment scheduled with us. We will try to repair your car as soon as possible depending on your vehicle problem and other pending services.